Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gotta Love Those Sneakers & Flats!

I love heels, but as a high school student, walking in them all day is a pain. With all the power-walking back-and-forth and from class-to-class, you feel like you're about to die by the end of the day.
Sneakers and flats can fix that problem though. They come in all different types of colors and patterns, so you can look cute and be comfortable at the same time! You can wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, shorts, EVERYTHING!
But don't start thinking that flats will be too casual for one of your dressier outfits. Look for a fancy or uncasual flat to pair with your more formal outfits.
I love my pair of black flats. They're so comfy and they look great with just about anything!
I've also recently started loving oxfords. They're so dressy and chic, but look comfortable and wearable at the same time. I'd really like to buy a pair of them sometime this year.
A big trend of 2011 is mannish flats, and I'm definitely a fan of it! If you choose to try out this trend for yourself you will look fashionable, in-style, modern, and you'll be thanking yourself when Summer comes around and it's time to pull the sandals back out!
(But if you must wear heels remember: the wider the heel & lower the arch, the more comfortable it will be. aka Block Heels!)

Nude shoes go with everything! 

Even the dressiest of outfits look great with flats!

Floral Print Sneakers!

I love those oxfords & her outfits are amazing!

 Mannish Flats

Block Heels

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