Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Have an Announcement...

Yes, it's true. This blog has over 1,000 views now, and we did it in less than 4 months!
I say "we" because even though I'm the one doing the posting, this blog would be nothing without you guys! Some people say I'm bragging when I talk about how many views I have, but I'm really not. I like to talk about it because I'm just so happy and proud of myself! I've gotten where I am all by myself, and I've done a pretty good job for a 15 year old.
It's such a privilege to have this many people supporting me, especially people who've never even met me before! Most of my supporters are on my Tumblr blog. You can find some of the most inspiring photos & people on Tumblr; I just love it so much!
But since it's bothering some people, I won't announce how many views I have unless we hit a major milestone, and I'll only tell you-all when it's our one year blog-iversary (not every month like how I've been doing).

Moving on...don't you guys just love the template I used for the sketch above? I like it much better than the old one. I think I'll be using it and sketching on computer paper from now on. I just want my sketches to look more professional.
So yeah...that's all for now!

Until My Next Post,
-Diane <3

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