Monday, September 5, 2011

Diane's Fashion Obsessions: Bandeaus, Bustiers, and Corsets

I love love love this trend; it's so stylish and versatile!

The look I've been obsessed with lately is a loose tank top that lets the bandeau peek out.

This look is so easy to pull off and it's great for summer.

It's very important not to show too much skin when trying out this trend. Bandeaus, bustiers, and corsets tend to show a lot of skin on top, so I would recommend covering up on the bottom (or wearing some kind of jacket). You want to look sexy, but not slutty!

Here are some ways to try out this trend:
  • A corset paired with a maxi skirt (a corset adds shape & keeps you looking young, and a maxi skirt will keep you covered in a stylish way)
  • You can try this trend with outfits/clothing items that call for more skin on top to keep balance or keep you looking young & sexy
  • If you're looking for something to wear over a two-piece (bandeau/bustier) swimsuit, you can take advice from the Glamour May 2011 issue.  Some tips are: mix bright patterns with classics, like menswear separates; accessories should say "summer" and "ease" as with a clutch: "grab & go"; balance shorts with a sexy rope accented shoe. (outfit put together by designer Peter Som; pg. 108)
  • Freida Pinto, on the cover of Glamour magazine - May 2011, wore a Peter Som bra top and shorts.
  • A bandeau is a flirty piece under your favorite cardigan (Glamour magazine - May 2011)
  • A bandeau and high-waisted bottoms (high-waisted bottoms cover most of your stomach, so they keep your outfit balanced & keep you from showing too much skin)
  • Wear a bustier over a long-sleeved shirt; it keeps you from showing too much skin, and it makes it possible for you to wear your corsets during winter (Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style)
  • I think letting a corset peek through a plaid button-down, or wearing it with a "boyish" outfit, adds a great & feminine twist

I don't like how she wore this, but you get the point...
Here's one of my Polyvore sets that includes this trend:

Avant-Garde Africa (Outfit 2)

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