Thursday, December 15, 2011

12.15.11 - Update

I'm sure you-all have noticed some major changes on this blog. The blog layout and, most importantly, the blog title have been changed.
The blog name was changed from “For the Love of Fashion” to “Diane’s Fashion Blog”. I did this to get rid of any confusion; I think my blog name should match my URL. I’ve been trying to make my blog a little more personal and about my love for fashion, so having my name in the blog title helps (plus, “For the Love of Fashion” is a bit overused).
These changes were necessary in order for my blog to be neater, more appealing to my readers, and easier to read. The layout was a bit cluttered before and it made my blog appear unprofessional. The less pictures, colors, and unnecessary text, the better.
I’m supposed to start sewing classes in January! I'm sooo happy about this; I really want and need to learn how to sew. Hopefully, with help from these classes, I’ll be able to sew quickly and beautifully by the time I graduate.
Well, I think I covered everything.

Until my next post,
-Diane <3

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