Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Perfect-Fit Shopping List

I own so many fashion magazines, and every time I read one I take notes on it in my handy dandy "Fashion Notebook". The information I value the most from these magazines is clothing suggestions for people with my body type. I'm tall (5'7) and skinny (127 lbs), so I like finding ways to make me look curvier and more "athletic" (instead of "stick-skinny"). I combined all my clothing suggestion notes into one list, and from that list I composed a shopping list of clothing that will fit my body type perfectly.
So, here's my Perfect-Fit Shopping List:

  • Short-shorts with cute details ex: lace, drawstrings, bright florals, high-waisted (shows off legs & softens figure)
  • A belted coat (great way to show off waist & create hourglass curves)
  • Fitted hoodie (shows off figure)
  • Belts to cinch with (cinching helps to show off your waist)
  • Wide belt for cinching (helps to highlight waist & keeps you from looking "boxy")
  • Cropped khakis (keeps you from looking too long & shows off a flirty peek of leg)
  • Ankle-wrap sandals (long frame can pull them off)
  • Lace-up ankle-strapped heels in neutral tones (long frame can pull them off & makes legs look even longer)
  • Full, puffy, flouncy skirt (makes your hips appear curvier)
  • Horizontal stripes on any piece of clothing (makes you appear "wider")
  • Grecian dress (looks good on all body types)
  • Bathing suit w/ a bit of pattern & a bold cut (breaks & fills up a long frame)
  • Ruffly, printed bikini (ruffles & print soften frame; floral print & horizontal pleats add curves)
  • Floaty dress w/ complex print & soft skirt (adds depth & skirt suggests curves)
  • Strapless, tiered dress (fills out frame & keeps you from looking lanky)
  • Jeans: waist that sits higher on hips, pocket detailing, fading under butt, distressing/rips, dark blue skinny jeans, boot-cut, light washes, large pockets positioned far apart, angled details on pockets, tapered leg
  • Rounded (scoop) neckline tops & dresses (creates curves)
  • Ruffle tops (creates a curvier top)
  • Fitted/bodycon mini dress [bonus points for an exposed zipper!] (accentuates curves )

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