Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Urban, Coach, & Kors

I went to Lenox Mall yesterday, and it further proved how much I need to go shopping. In the short hour I spent looking around, I fell in love with that mall.
Urban Outfitters has to be one of the best stores ever! From the bleached, high-waisted short-shorts to the tribal print backpacks, it was like heaven in there.

It was too bad a jobless 15 year-old like me couldn't afford any of the beautiful things they had in there, but just looking at the clothes and imagining I could buy them as soon as I got a job was enough satisfaction...for now. I also went to the Coach and Michael Kors stores, basically, to look around and admire the pure fashion surrounding me. The thing that both stores had in common was a clean, sleek, sophisticated design. They were mostly white with little neutral-colored touches (except for the clothes & accessories of course). One of the employees at Michael Kors gave me a little catalog that I will cherish forever. Before yesterday I had never seen a chic catalog before, but that catalog was simply chic. It features all the clothing and accessories they were selling when I went there.

Overall, that mall experience was pretty amazing. I definitely need to go back and finish looking around as soon as possible, and next time I'll bring some money.

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