Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Life of a Slacker

I waste so much time! I didn't do anything productive on Sunday (except for chores, I guess).
I should have sewed, sketched, and written the rough draft of this blog post.
Instead, I stayed in bed until 11:40am.
I should have read the driver's manual for my permit, so I can have a license by this time next year.
Instead, I watched funny YouTube videos.
I should have finished making that "How to Wear a Bodycon Dress" video that one of my viewers requested.
Instead, I looked at YouTube videos of people wearing expensive (at least for my wallet) virgin Brazilian weave  that I want so bad.
Procrastination will be the death of me. I need to get my life together.
Do you feel my pain?


Oh my gosh!! I was in class yesterday and one of my friends told me that she was looking at the Teen Vogue website with one of her friends, and they saw my picture. As soon as I got home, I hopped on the computer, and sure enough, there was my picture for the reader look/best style of the day (for September 6, 2012, I believe).
Earlier today, when I walked into one of the school's bathrooms, a girl said to me "Are you Diane? I saw your picture on Teen Vogue's website!" (maybe she was my friend's friend). What she said really made my day though.
I'm so happy and proud of myself. I can't believe my photo submission actually won best-dressed. I could (almost) cry! :')
I just want to tell everybody that I'm on teenvogue.com. I want to shout it from the rooftops (not literally). I want everyone to know, but I don't want to seem arrogant. So, I'll just tell my close friends and family and then shut up about it.

-Diane <3

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