Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to Style a Bodycon Dress

One of my viewers requested this video, and I gladly accepted to do it. I kept my hat on for most of the video and pictures because my braids need help.

DIY bleached crop top, bodycon dress, backpack, low-top converse

knit hat, plaid button-down, spike necklace, bodycon dress, Vera Bradley messenger bag, lace-up boots

knit hat, varsity/letterman jacket, bodycon dress, Vera Bradley messenger bag, low-top converses

I also included a picture and video clip of how I'd style a knee-length bodycon skirt because another one of my viewers requested that. So I started the "How to Style a Bodycon dress" video with the outfit I wore to school that day featuring my bodycon skirt.

knit hat, white longline cardigan, floral tank top, owl necklace, knee-length bodycon skirt, Vera Bradley messenger bag, black flats

-Diane <3

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