Sunday, March 27, 2011

1st month of blogging complete! 100 views & 3.22.11 Outfit

Yesterday was a very special day because it was my blog-iversary! I've been blogging for a month now, and it has been going pretty well.
I want to thank all the people who have been reading this blog. Because of you, I have recently gotten over 100 views! 100 views in less than a month, that's pretty good! :)

I ♥ this picture!
Yes, I do have a picture of Kimora Lee Simmons on my wall. She's my role model/style icon, what do you expect? lol & that Baby Phat shirt is the only Baby Phat shirt I ever bought. So even though I don't wear it anymore, it's in a special place.

Fierce! lol




(Pink & Grey striped draped vest, white tee, dark blue waistband skirt, embellished buckle belt, black tights, black lace-up pumps)
The picture above is of an outfit I wore to school on Tuesday. I just really didn't feel like taking pictures after school that day, so I had no pics to upload. But since yesterday was my blog-iversary, I thought it would be nice if I put the outfit back on so I could snap a few pictures for you guys!
Though, it may not look like it, it was 3am when I took these pics! & since I have no tripod, the whole process was a pain because I had to stack all my books up on top of each other to get the proper height. & not to mention that the camera kept on dying because it was running out of batteries. smh The pictures turned out pretty good though! lol
I changed the outfit up a bit. When I wore it to school I had a black tee on, but that was too much black, so I had to tweak the outfit some by putting on a white tee. I also had on a different pair of tights when I wore it to school; those ones were more opaque & thicker.
The bad thing about putting outfits together before school is that you have to rush so you don't miss the bus, so there's not really much time to get the outfit perfect. I tend to procrastinate & get distracted quite a bit some times, so I never really have time the night before to get my outfit together. smh Just another thing I need to work on. lol

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