Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Message to My Readers:

created this blog a little more than a month ago. Before that I had no way of sharing my sketches, talent, & love for fashion with other people around the world.
After my first month of blogging, I made a post saying I had reached over a 100 views. And now, just two weeks later, I'd like to give a big thanks to all my readers because I've exceeded 200 views! 
As a new blogger, getting another hundred views in just two weeks is amazing, it's astonishing, it's astounding! lol

I want you-all to know how much I appreciate you, because without you this blog would be nothing. I see this as such a priveledge because people enjoy taking time out of their day to view my blog & show their appreciation for it.
Please continue reading & checking-in because there's a lot more awesome stuff on the way!

-Diane <3

Mirror pics. lol

I love fashion magazines!

(all these photos were taken this afternoon)

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