Sunday, April 24, 2011

"You Look Like Picasso's Wife!"

That's what my big sister said when she saw me in this dress!
I think this dress makes me look younger. It reminds me of my childhood! lol

I love my black flats! I wear them with everything because they go with everything! lol

My big sister said the dress looks kinda retro, kinda 70's (which is awesome because 70's style is in fashion now!).
I recently read, in the April 2011 issue of Elle magazine, that Graffiti-esque tops, scribbled on denim, arsty accessories, and things of that sort are all in style now. I think this dress fits perfectly into that category, so SCORE! lol
I'm not going to wear this dress to school because it's a bit "too much" for school (or atleast for the school I go to), but I think that if I get a nice neutral-colored cardi to layer over it, it would tone the color down and it would make it work! 
The dress is so unique, it makes a statement, and it's kinda bold & daring!

So what do you think?

-Diane <3

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