Friday, July 8, 2011

7.8.11 - Update

Hello Loves! :)

My sister bought me a copy of the "Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style: How to Find Your Perfect Look" book, and I love it! It's the best book ever! It's so informative and helpful; you should really consider buying a copy. Mine was on sale for $14, but it's usually sold for about $20.

My favorite chapter

Style icon!

Also, there needs to be more exclusivity to my sketches. That's why I'm only going to be uploading 1 out of the 3 sketches I do a week. Because if someone asks to see my work I want to be able to show them something they couldn't have just seen on the internet. Not every sketch I do needs to be on here. That's why I'm making this change.

I was featured on a website/blog for the first time; "Inexpensive Chic" for Teen Street Style. Go check out my interview and photos! :)

I’m in love with these shorts I found on

They’re floral print, high-waisted, vintage, and they’re so unique because the flowers were hand painted onto them. So what’s not to love?! They’re $30, which is more money than I would normally spend on shorts, but I still would’ve bought them if there wasn’t one more problem. They’re a size extra-small! (and I’m pretty sure that’s the only pair they have because they’re vintage, and who would hand paint that many pairs of shorts?) I need atleast a small, so I’m just going to have to look for some shorts similar to these that would actually fit me. :(

I've been tweeting a lot more lately, so if you want you can follow me on twitter.

I found this awesome Youtube channel called "Clothesencounters". I'm in love with these girls' style, and their videos are really helpful. So go check out their channel!

I recently started giving style advice on Polyvore, and I love it! So if you have any fashion-related questions you can e-mail me, ask your question on Formspring, or if you have a Tumblr you can message me on there.

Well, that is all for now!

Until My Next Post,
-Diane <3

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