Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diane's Fashion Obsessions: Leather (Biker) Jackets

I love leather jackets because they're so versatile. When I buy my own, I'm going to try pairing it with a really feminine dress to tone down the girliness.
Sweet with an Edgy Twist

Sweet with an Edgy Twist by Diane O.

On those days when I feel like dressing casual & edgy, I'll wear it with skinny jeans and a tee with some killer ankle booties.
For the Edgy Girl

For the Edgy Girl by Diane O.

I think it would be a great semi-casual jacket to wear over a party dress.
For the Edgy Party Girl

For the Edgy Party Girl by Diane O.

It works nicely with short-shorts too because I'd be covered on top, so I wouldn't look too bare, but it would still show my legs off.
Leather & Flowers

Leather & Flowers by Diane O.

 I also plan on trying out a slick punk rock jacket with a long lightweight maxi skirt/dress and flats. (Marie Claire - June 2011, V. 18 Issue 6)

But biker jackets don't always have to be black. Jackets in finely tuned colors & slim aerodynamic fits, worn with graphic tops and athletic-inspired pants would make one breath-taking outfit. (Marie Claire - April 2011, V. 18 Issue 4)

A leather jacket is definitely at the top of my shopping list. I want to get one by the time Winter comes around because I already have an awesome outfit in mind that includes a stunning biker jacket.

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