Saturday, July 30, 2011

How To: Add Personality to Your Clothing

If you want to add personality to your clothing you need to know what your personal style is. Are you edgy, boho, girly, glam, classic, indie, or a mixture of some or all of these? Reading the Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style helped me to realize that I like elements of all these styles, but over-all, my style is a mixture of edgy and glam. I also made a list of all my favorite clothing trends and items. Doing this helped me to separate what I actually like from current trends. When you know what your style is, what you do/don't like, and what does/doesn't work for you it'll be easier to make your clothing more "you".

DIYs are the easiest and most basic ways to add personality to your clothes. Whether it's bleaching, ripping, studding, paint splattering, dyeing, etc. the finished product will always have a sense of personality because you made it yourself!

 DIY bleached denim vest

 DIY ripped jeans
 DIY studded (and ripped) shorts

 DIY paint splattered jeans

 DIY dip-dyed denim vest

DIYed clothing helps to show your personal taste and style in a way that nobody else can imitate. I love the fact that DIYs never turn out exactly the same each time, so no one will ever have the same thing as you.

Another thing you can try is putting little pins, on your vests, jackets, shirts, etc. Pins that are cute, make you laugh, or say things that mean something to you add uniqueness or quirkiness to your outfit.

Try putting together an outfit where every piece shows an element of your style or means something to you.
Example: A quirky printed scarf (indie), a basic white top (classic), a pretty floral skirt (girly), a fierce leather jacket (edgy), your mother's luxe leather bag (boho), those cute little earrings you got during your unforgettable trip to Paris, and your go-to heels that make you feel like a celeb (glam).

You can also try wearing a charm bracelet. If each charm means something to you, or if you make the bracelet yourself, the bracelet will tell a story; it will add instant personality to your outfit, and it looks very stylish!

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