Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopping for Inspiration!

I went shopping with my sisters last week. We all went to the mall one day, and my big sister and I went to the thrift store another day. These are some cool items I found while shopping that I thought you-all would like to see.
Starting with the mall...

I'm going to start off by saying I didn't buy anything (I was sure I was going to buy atleast one thing)! I don't shop at the mall because I think their stuff is way too over-priced. But it is a nice place to go window-shopping, and to check out cool items they may have. (Sorry for the bad quality; I was using a camera phone. I didn't think about taking pictures 'till we were already at the mall.)

PacSun (pacific sunwear) If your style is Boho, PacSun is the store for you! (Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style)

 I almost bought this necklace. I love the chains hanging from it and the feathers.

 I love the tribal print on these sunglasses!

 These sunglasses are so cute; they say "Love London".

 Owl Necklace <3

 This elephant ring is so unique. I love it, and the little rhinestones on it are a plus!

 I'm in love with this backpack! It was $40 if I remember correctly. I need a new backpack for school. I love this one because it's tribal print (I love tribal print, and it's very popular now. So I would definitely be on trend.), the print is very colorful and vibrant (it would add a pop of color to a neutral outfit), and it would hold all my books. I'm going to start looking for a backpack like this that doesn't cost as much.

American Eagle Outfitters If your style is Classic, American Eagle is the store for you!

 I've been obsessed with fringe bags lately. This one from American Eagle is really cute; it was $40 if I remember correctly.

Abercrombie & Fitch If your style is Classic, Abercrombie & Fitch is the store for you!

I love this cardi and button-down combo!
ICING I love this store!! I think it's one of the best places to shop for accessories, and it's not expensive!

Floral print sunglasses <3

I love the print on these glasses, but I didn't even try them on because I know that round shades look good on angular faces. My face is really round, so I didn't even bother. lol
I'm not a big fan of sandals, but I love these one's! The different patterns on the straps make them so unique and cool. I feel like I've seen these before (maybe in a fashion magazine), but I'm not sure.

I love the beading on these sandals. The braided strap makes them even better!

I didn't like this necklace's chain, but I love the clock pendant!

Claire's Claire's is basically the same as ICING.

This hat would be great for winter. I love the design, it would keep you warm because it's knitted, and the vibrant colors would stick out from all the other neutral colors people usually wear in winter.

 Such a cute bag, especially the fringe.

 Tribal print purse <3

Charlotte Russe I wish I could've spent more time in this store because it looked like they had some really good stuff. We were in a rush because we had to catch a movie. (Monte Carlo; it was really good!) Next time I go to the mall that's the first place I'm headed.
 Such a cute party dress. It was being displayed at the front of the store.

My mall-shopping outfit: When I go shopping I usually wear a t-shirt and jeans because it's super easy. All my favorite jeans were in the wash, so I had to wear either a dress or a skirt (I have no shorts!). I wanted to look summery, stylish, and cute. I was going to wear my white and grey waistband dress, but I didn't like how it looked as a dress, so I wore it as a skirt again. I paired it with a tanktop, flats, and a nice little bag, and I was done!

floral print tanktop, white and grey waistband dress (worn as a skirt), black flats, vintage bag

And now for the thrift store...

I was so excited to go thrifting for the first time! I just wanted to see how it was like, and if I would be able to find anything good. We went to Goodwill, and it was way different from what I thought it would be. It didn't smell weird (I'm still going to wash everything I bought though. That's a must!), it was really organized, it was FULL of all kinds of stuff, it was big, and it didn't look cheap. My sister was rushing me, so I didn't get to look at everything, but I managed to get a few nice things in the time I had.

I bought a simple gray dress for $6. It would be great for winter because I think it looks like it's made of wool (even though it's not), and it's gray (neutrals are worn a lot during the winter). I'd wear it with tights, boots, a knit hat, and some kind of jacket to keep me warm. You can't really see it in the picture, but the dress has some kind of glitter on it that makes it sparkle!

I bought these high-waisted shorts for $4 (finally, I own some shorts!). I'm pretty sure they're vintage because of the shape, the way they fit, and how they feel. I love the stripe detail they have on them because it makes them super cute and unique. Since the shorts are high-waisted they give a little extra room for your stomach. I'm skinny and my stomach is pretty flat, so the shorts don't fit me perfectly. I'm going to run them through the dryer a couple times; they should fit better after that.

I bought a lace skirt for $5. It looks new, and it still has the tag on it. I payed $12.06 less than what the original owner payed for it!

I bought a sequined beret for $3. My little sister loves it! I think it's really glam. If I was to wear it during the winter, it would add a chic twist to all the neutrals normally seen during that time.

Even though this was my first time thrifting, I already love it because you can find unique items that nobody else will have. I feel like I can get the most out of money there because they sell stuff for cheap, but it's still good quality (I saw brand-name shoes that looked new being sold for $8!). None of the stuff looks worn-down, and nothing smells bad (but you still need to wash it!). Hopefully I'll be able to go thrifting regularly from-now-on. You guys should try it too!

We stopped at Target on our way home so my sister could get some shoes.

These boots are awesome! I'm in love with them, but I have to save my money for school supplies. I wish they were mine! I even tried them on just to say I did it! lol

My sister picked out these cute sneakers. I liked them too, so I got a pair for myself. They're basic, so they'll go with any outfit, and they're very comfortable. They were $9. STEAL! I'm going to do a DIY on them, so they'll be super awesome. Can't wait! :)

My thrifting outfit: I wore my usual shopping attire: A t-shirt, jeans, comfortable shoes, and a little bag!

black tee, ripped & embellished skinny jeans, vintage bag, black flats

Everybody loves these jeans! I bought them at Burlington Coat Factory last year. I don't remember how much they cost, but I'm guessing no more than $15.

Well, that is all for now loves!

Until My Next Post,
-Diane <3

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