Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slacking & Sewing

I must admit, I've been really slacking off lately. There has been a decrease in my posting/blogging, videos, etc. just because I've been being lazy. I always tell myself that I'm going to stop wasting time and start working on the more important things, but I never actually do it. Well, I promise that I'm going to sort out my priorities and get down to business, for real this time.
Anyways, I started sewing classes a few weeks ago. Even though I'd rather stay in bed sometimes, I'm so glad that I'm finally taking these classes; I really need them. It's about time I start working towards bringing my sketches to life. I need tons of practice on my sewing. I'm progressing way slower than I want to be. I think any task that involves making something with your hands does not come naturally to me; it takes me a lot of time and practice, especially since I'm sort of a perfectionist. Hopefully, I'll catch on sometime soon; I should probably start practicing more at home...yeah, well, wish me luck! :)

-Diane <3

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