Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DIY Bleached Crop Top and Bodycon Dress

Rockin' two of my recent DIYs!
I hacked the bottom off of one of my mom's old t-shirts, soaked the sleeves in bleach overnight, and spritzed more bleach on the bottom of the t-shirt the next day. This is one of my hardest pieces of clothing to wear (the light pink color of the bleach, the little spots of gray at the bottom, the loose-fitting sleeves, the cropped style, and how could we ever forget the weird little star in the middle of the shirt that seems to clash with almost everything?). To make this shirt work, I had to pair it with one of the simplest outfits ever.
I made the black bodycon dress out of one of my big sister's old t-shirts. It's not one of my favorite DIYs. It came out shorter and tighter than I thought it would, but it seems to work fine with the black opaque tights underneath and my brown lace-up boots.
Well, that's all for now. Give me feedback and hype my look on above, please! :)

-Diane <3

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