Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mini Vacation!

My dad took me and my little brother and sister on a mini vacation to Savannah, Georgia on July 7th and 8th. Hear more about our vacation in the video below:

I took as many pictures as I could. Enjoy! :)

My brother and I right before we left

On the road

Macon, Georgia

Downtown Macon (I believe)

The Medical Center of Central Georgia. My big sister and I were born here. I've always known that I was born in Macon, but I never knew where. Now I know!

My little sister, me, and my brother


Macon, Georgia

On the way to the beach (Savannah, Georgia)

I didn't know there were palm trees in Georgia...

On the way to the beach (Savannah, Georgia)

The beach!

My lil sis wrote this in the sand

I wrote "" in the sand. I never knew my url was so long. I had better, closer-up pictures and a picture of "" written in the sand, but those pictures got lost somehow. I made this picture darker so you could sorta see it.

Chillin' in the hotel's pool

I can't swim (my dad is the only one in our family that knows how to swim). I just walked and sorta-floated around in the pool.

Savannah is really beautiful and fun. It's way different from Douglasville!

Big mistake! I wore the only pair of jeans I packed to go swimming. So when I got out the pool, dried myself, and put them back on, I wasn't completely dry, so my jeans got wet. That left me with only one choice: wear the same shorts I wore yesterday again. Oh well, I made it work.

Look at that pretty bridge in the background!

I wanted to get on that boat, but it wasn't open.

The little ferry we got on a million times. It was hot in there! The fans were pitiful.

I didn't know a cargo ship that big could sail through that small river. I guess it's deeper than I thought.

Pirate ship

Scenery at the "rich people hotel". The ferry dropped us off here, and we just kinda walked around.

In the gazebo

The actual "rich people hotel".

Milledgeville, Georgia

Can you believe my mom used to live there back in the day? "Wow..." that's all I can say.

Georgia Military College

At Golden Corral. My lil sis made a heart out of her ice cream cone. lol

Back in ATL!

The little videos we made while on vacation aren't working right, so you might never get to see those, or it might be a while before I can get them uploaded.
Well, that's all for now.

Until my next post,
-Diane <3

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