Monday, August 13, 2012

Look Who's Back

I'm such a bad blogger! It has been way too long since I last posted on here, made a YouTube video, took pictures, etc. It's kind of pathetic because I know how important blogging is to me and how beneficial it can be to my future career.
School just started last week, so I'm trying to juggle schoolwork, homework, work, and other things I'm involved in. It's hard; I've never been this busy before, and I'm always tired. My regular Internet activities (blogging, vlogging, etc.) were basically pushed aside, but something one of my friends said to me last week basically woke me up.
My friend told me that while she was in Walmart one day, she saw some random girl (random as in "we don't know her at all") watching one of my videos. My friend didn't know I make videos, so when she saw the girl in Walmart watching one of my videos, she thought "Hey, that girl in the video looks familiar!" When she realized that the girl in the video was me, she started watching my videos too.
This really made me realize that what I'm doing on the Internet is not going unnoticed. People are watching my videos, checking out my blogs, and viewing my pictures (Whether everyone is actually liking/appreciating what I have to offer, or not, the point is: I'm being noticed, and I can make something out of this.) I'm progressing, slowly but surely.
So, the point of this long blog post was to let you-all know that I'm back in full effect. Let's get to business!

-Diane <3

Some "lost photos".
I took these pictures in June, but after I took them, I decided that my outfit was too plain & ugly, and my face was just not looking right (neither was my hair), so I never posted them. But hey...I don't feel like taking any pictures right now, so I might as well post 'em!

black t-shirt, DIY giraffe printed skirt, silver spike bracelet, brown lace-up boots (My favorite shoes! I'm wearing them right now.)

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