Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Skinny Pants, Chucks, & Another DIY Crop Top

It has been ridiculously hot lately! Even though I stay indoors most of the time anyway, not I have a legit reason to. I took these photos last Friday; the high for that day was 102° (yes, a hundred and freakin' two degrees!!). When I take photos outdoors I'm usually standing in the sun because my skin photographs best in sunlight, but after taking just one photo in the sun, I gave up and started looking for shade at the side of the house.
We have really ugly grass in my neighborhood, and nobody cares to plant some more. I don't even know if you can call it grass because it's mostly weeds and dirt. Yeah, the dead grass is kinda ruining my pictures.

This is the only acceptable “head-on” picture I took that day because I’m not a model, so the fact that I was standing outside in the scorching heat for a good hour was written all over my face in most of the pictures.

Nerdy tortoise-shell glasses
DIY bleached, button-down crop top
Skinny pants
Spike bracelet
Vintage cross-body bag
High-top Converses

The Bug Picture. This photo gives me chills. (the bug is the black thing on my left sleeve)

The bugs were going crazy on Friday, and since it was so hot I’m pretty sure they were looking for shade on the side of the house like I was. I got attacked by bugs between every photo, but this is the only bug that actually got caught in the photo. I don’t even know what type of bug it was; all I know is that it was big, black, buzzing, and so gross! I know it looks like the bug was on my sleeve, but it was actually flying past my face; I also appear to be calmly looking down at the bug, but that’s because the camera snapped the photo right before I started freaking out and running away.

-Diane <3

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